Raw materials for paper Industry...
Paper is made of all sort of things you can think of -

Soft Wood - Like spruce & pine which have a long fibre; one ideal raw material for paper making.
Hard Wood - Short Fibre. Difficult in barking and chipping. Eucalyptus, Acacia, Albizzia & Wattle trees are more suitable hard wood trees for paper making and have a very high rate of growth
Grasses - Several types of long grasses like bamboo, sabai grass, sarkanda etc. are used for making paper.
Straws - In India, rice, wheat straw, bagasse and corn straw are used for paper pulp making. Straw has been reported as suitable for paper making.
Cotton Linters - It is a seed hair from cotton plant after extracting cotton. Only a small proportion of raw cotton in form of short fibre linters comes directly to paper mills
Cotton Rags - This gives more strength in paper or paper board
Linen - Linen fibre is derived from the bast tissue of the stem of the flax plant, cultivated extensively in USA, Russia, Hungary, France, Belgium & Ireland
Hemp - It comes to paper maker in the form of spinning waste, twine, cordage, ropes etc. Hemp is the bast tissue of an annual shrub found extensively in India, Russia & America.
Manila - This Fibre occurs in the leaves of a plant of the plantain family that grows in the Philippines Islands
Sisal Hamp - The fibre comes from the leaves of the plant Agave Sisalana and is used for making rope & twine
Waste Paper - The demand of waste paper for manufacturing of paper is increasing every day. Utilization of this would reduce load on demand of fresh fibres. About 80% of the waste paper is used in the manufacture of paper boards. Small scale units depend almost entirely on waste paper as raw material. In India the use of recycled fibre is only 20 percent compared to 40 percent in developed countries.

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